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5th Annual Speak Up Walk 2020

Join us this year for our annual SPEAK UP Walk.

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2020 Sponsors Wanted

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Sponsorship Deadline

We will accept sponsorships for the walk until 9/11/2020.


Please contact Jennifer Levinson for questions.

2020 Walk Resources Wanted

We would like to invite you to be a resource table at the walk this year. With out these services, many of our coummunity would feel alone. Thank you for all the work you do in helping save lives!


Please contact Jennifer Levinson for questions.

What teens are saying about us?

We asked some local teens about what the donations mean to them? 

“They’re important because there are tons of my peers that are going through a variety of different mental health problems, and I feel like Speak Up has the resources to help out these teens that are in need. It matters because suicide has continued to kill people in the community around me, and I want to make sure it is never one of my friends.”

Josh - BV teen

“I think it gives the sense of hope and the feeling that people everywhere are out there that can help in any way This matters because it gives teens like me the feeling that we are not alone”

Kade - BV student


Funds raised will support a teen mental health program including speakers and training in the Kansas and Missouri area.

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About the Founders

Speak Up a 501(c)3 was created and formed by two families that both suffered a devastating loss due to mental illness ending in suicide. We are united in breaking the silence and reducing stigma surrounding all mental illness and suicide. Our hope is that Speak Up will provide education and awareness in our community bridging the gaps between community, schools and parents.

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Sources of Strength-Program offered by Speak Up

Community Outreach Events

With funds raised last year, Speak Up will be helping over 10,000 kids this coming school year. Find out how to bring Speak Up to your school. It is our goal to supplement and expand upon your efforts where needed, assist with coordination and help to ensure their highest quality. We will work with each individual school to meet its needs.

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Jason Arkin: The Story of Speak Up